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201 Scots Church DAWSON, Hannah Armitage (I3183)
202 Scots Church DAWSON, David (I3184)
203 Scots Church DAWSON, Peter (I3185)
204 Sentenced to Prison BRIMSON, Robert Tanner (I178)
205 Sentenced to Transportation, 8 years penal servetude BRIMSON, Robert Tanner (I178)
206 Should cross reference information obtained as there are occasional errors Source (S78)
207 Son of Thomas Criddle b 1845 Toodyay CRIDDLE, Robert (I434)
208 St John's Church Family F703
209 Stillborn STOKES, Irwin Frederick (I463)
210 Stillborn RUSSELL, John William (I894)
211 Stillborn RUSSELL, William (I925)
212 Stillborn EMMETT, Daniel Robert (I1347)
213 Stillborn MCNAB, John (I1378)
214 Stillborn WILTON, Male (I2893)
215 Stillborn WILTON, Female (I2894)
216 Stillborn WILTON, Male (I3137)
217 Stillborn death reg # 1446 WILTON, Mary (I336)
218 Stillborn, died possibly 25 October 1886. STOKES, William (I466)
219 Student at the Three Springs State School in 1919 ?sup?[10: 3-Oct-1919]?/sup?
Came 2nd in the 8 to 10 Years Girls Running Race at the Peace Celebrations in Three Springs on Saturday 19 July 1919 ?sup?[10: 25-Jul-1919]?/sup?
Received 1st prizes for Writing and Drawing at the Three Springs Day held on Thursday 25 September 1919 ?sup?[10: 3-Oct-1919]?/sup?
Won a 1st prize for Writing at the annual picnic and show, the Three Springs Day, held on Thursday 23 September 1920 ?sup?[10: 15-Oct-1920]?/sup?
Resided in Carnamah for part of the year 1928 ?sup?[4: 28-Jul-1928]?/sup?
In July 1928 took an active part in the formation of a Ladies Football Club in Carnamah ?sup?[4: 28-Jul-1928]?/sup?
Came equal first in the "Ladies Race" at the Carnamah Show and Sports Carnival on Thursday 4 October 1928 ?sup?[4: 13-Oct-1928]?/sup?
In mid October 1928 she left Carnamah and returned to Three Springs ?sup?[4: 20-Oct-1928]?/sup?
Along with Alf HUNTER attended the Fancy Dress Ball in Three Springs on 27 June 1929 as "Mr & Mrs Three Springs" ?sup?[4: 6-Jul-1929]?/sup?
Married "Alf" Alfred HUNTER in 1929 ?sup?[66]?/sup?
Resided with her husband in Three Springs 1929-1956, where he was the proprietor of the Three Springs Garage ?sup?[5: 9-Feb-1934] [19]?/sup?
Won 2nd prize for a Knitted Infant's Woollen Jacket at the Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 19 September 1935 ?sup?[5]?/sup?
Also won 1st prize for Exhibit by Lady in the Novelty Competition at the Three Springs Agricultural Show in 1935 ?sup?[5: 27-Sep-1935]?/sup?
Won 1st prize for Rainbow Cake at the Three Springs Agricultural Show held on Thursday 17 September 1936 ?sup?[5: 25-Sep-1936]?/sup?
Part of the group who attended the Masquerade Ball in Carnamah on 5 December 1936 dressed as "Mickie & Minnie" ?sup?[5: 11-Dec-1936]?/sup?
Herself, her husband and their children spent a two week holiday on the Murchison River in January 1937 ?sup?[5: 22-Jan-1937, 5-Feb-1937]?/sup? 
BRIMSON, Rosie (I1450)
220 Suffered from rhuematic fever as a child. WALDOCK, William John (I3235)
221 Surname spelling unknown REED, Unknown (I177)
222 Tenant in the Albany town boundry 1913-1914 SHAW, Sarah (I938)
223 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S15)
224 Thomas wanted to marry Stella Wilton in the first place but his father would not permit it,stating there had already been enough intermarrying in the Wilton family already.
Thomas married Stella in 1965, she died ten months later from a blood clot which formed after she started taking oral contraceptives. 
Family F501
225 Type any analytical comments about the document, its sources, etc. Source (S60)
226 UID 0284C77D451F4412A50D3757665ECFF84FBA DAWSON, Isabel (I3177)
227 UID 02BEB798594D4CD792FC5126CD4A181F2B77 KNAPP, John Leonard (I2885)
228 UID 06A5BD8EFF4D498D854BD80E3979026AECF1 KEATING, Norman (I1306)
229 UID 07D8E4874F824EB88639D85FB0A6D58CCECB KNAPP, Leslie George (I2888)
230 UID 0B36BECCF00D4D0D817C95C73F21B58919FF KENNEDY, Mary (I197)
231 UID 0CBB22085F374F488F4E8078D955A3F0B4F3 SMITH, Henry (I888)
232 UID 16A918B62E464D71A18D9F4ED6B4B64E684B LANYON, Olive Gertrude (I1978)
233 UID 1973BBCA9F174E44A91B7F49737DB75BE722 CONNOLLY, Beryl Constance (I2845)
234 UID 1AD122F11B6D4366821FE407F8894F24AFC0 LANYON, Lilias May (I1974)
235 UID 1B77E4A70D87412CB063E785DF77491955DF KENWORTHY, Walter Benjamin (I345)
236 UID 22B45A3CDA464AEEBCF7F4E41C3A75556F4A LEAVER, Sarah Hannah (I1154)
237 UID 236709732DAE4E32AE2C8CD1DAA7C6A58481 JEFFERY, Stephen (I3206)
238 UID 25234C302DCA4E68B622718B97C182B4D3C5 CRIDDLE, Thomas (I448)
239 UID 26B3FD3BC0F44060A26F706D90FBE315D6F4 KENWORTHY, Clara Elizabeth (I338)
240 UID 29DC3A79F3364CF39F80E2AE41C65407312D DAWSON, John (I3180)
241 UID 2ADCBE6D444942A8BBE51B4436CB911952C5 LANYON, Louisa Maud (I1977)
242 UID 2C266023EB1549648762F7BE048241A48B6C KENWORTHY, Charles William "Charlie" (I1850)
243 UID 2E76E0DEF6B54A1F8BC7AB8E1FD33BCFFD65 JEFFREY, Henry (I3211)
244 UID 310006DD226847A6A26A7136A990757C68AD MEREDITH, Ivy Ann (I1416)
245 UID 3DF8C82A593845A6B010EDD3BAC60FEB9D66 LEWIS, John Robert (I1082)
246 UID 48DE535D93E1457D9D756032FAEC32FCC4CC CHAPLIN, Charles James (I2382)
247 UID 4A2F5EEF2FA94376B84DEFD856B45044C1E8 CORNELIUS, Emily (I1203)
248 UID 4BCCB16461FC4BA8AEB51A1CA995E73F7997 KENNEDY, Patrick Charles (I192)
249 UID 4C534A954AA3494CB859E5E4CA6B4E57B496 JEFFREY, Stephen (I3193)
250 UID 50635FB6B60243D4A6D14F9848ABCF762DDB LE BOYDRE, David Louis (I2643)

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