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201 Noted in Baptism register as their 2nd Child Brash, Jean (I3157)
202 Noted in Baptism register as their 3rd Child Brash, James (I3156)
203 Noted in the Church register as their 4th child Brash, Janet (I3275)
204 Noted in the Church register as their 5th Child Brash, Robert (I3138)
205 Noted in the Church register as their 6th Child Brash, Janet Forrest (I3486)
206 Occupation -blacksmith & wheelright. Sampson, Alfred Archibald (I1175)
207 occupation engine driver instructor. Sampson, William James (I974)
208 Occupation, dam sinking contractor.
Religion, Methodist.
Died as a result of a tragic accident. While schooling a horse over hurdles the saddle slipped resulting in his death. 
Sampson, George (I950)
209 Occupation, miner and policeman.
Religion, Methodist. 
Sampson, Thomas Henry (I978)
210 Occupation, miner and wood merchant. Sampson, Thomas (I948)
211 Occupation,miner. Sampson, John Lawn (I975)
212 Occupations included cartage contractor,Mine Manager & auctioneer.
Religion, Bc

He was employed at the Burra Copper Mines for years. Later he carried on business as an auctioneer and commission agent. He was granted an auctioneer's Licence on Friday 23.6.1876- the announcement appeared in the first Northern Mail on 30.6.1876.
John was interested in municipal affairs and was Mayor of the town from 1.12.1894 to 1.12.1897 and most of 1902, and a councillor for fourteen years. He was a Justice of the Peace. He was a resident of Burra for 63 years. Listed as Teamster in 1864; 1869-71 as chaffcutter with father; 1876-77 as Bailiff of Local Court, Redruth, Burra.
For 56 years years he was a member of the Burra Lodge MU, occupying various offices withgreat credit; he was also Chairman of Trustees (Observer, 30.4.1910, p38)
From "The Family Tree of John and Ann Sampson" by Albert Leonard Sampson. 
Sampson, John (I970)
213 Occupations miner & engine driver.
Religion, Bc 
Sampson, James (I960)
214 Original data: Board of Guardian Records and Church of England Parish Registers. London Metropolitan Archives, London.

Images produced by permission of the City of London Corporation. The City of London gives no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided. Images may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education. Applications for any other use should be made to London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB. Email - 
Source (S138)
215 Parents Robert and Mary appear to have married after Jane's birth. It is unclear what her actual date of birth is, as no has been registration located. Forward, Sarah Jeffrey (I548)
216 Pioneers indexs lists first name as Ellen, Burial register lists name as Allen. Rumble, Ellen (I327)
217 possibly died 24 Apr 1933 Stokes, William (I243)
218 Query date of Baptism Brimson, Ernest Edward Walter (I323)
219 Railway Fettler in Three Springs in 1908  Brimson, George (I182)
220 Referred to as Joseph Paul Rumble in Wilton family bible Rumble, Joseph (I63)
221 Reg # 1002 Rumble (I326)
222 reg # 1012 Rumble, Joseph (I325)
223 Reg # 1139 Rumble, Nathan George (I328)
224 Reg # 1235 Rumble, Ellen (I327)
225 Reg # 409 Rumble (I326)
226 Reg # 520 died 1 day old Rumble, Ellen (I327)
227 reg # 535 died 1 day old Rumble, Joseph (I325)
228 Reg # 933 Rumble (I329)
229 Reg # 960 Rumble (I329)
230 Registry Office Family: James Sampson / Eliza Lawn (F237)
231 Registry Office Family: William Thomas Sampson / Clara Cooper (F321862115)
232 Resided in Three Springs until 1948  Wilton, Walter (I53)
233 Resided with her parents in Three Springs  Brimson, Leita (I1461)
234 Resided with her parents in Three Springs  Brimson, Ivy (I1469)
235 Resided with her parents in Three Springs, where her father worked as a Railway Fettler/Ganger  Wilton, Dorothy Charlotte Angelina (I205)
236 Resided with her parents in Three Springs, where her father worked as a Railway Fettler/Ganger  Wilton, Ava Netta (I207)
237 Resided with his parents in Arrino 1907-1912 and later in Three Springs 1922 onwards  Wilton, Walter Adolphus (I204)
238 Resided with his parents in Arrino and later in Three Springs  Wilton, Alfred Edward (I206)
239 Resided with his parents in Arrino and later in Three Springs  Wilton, Vernon John Abel (I208)
240 Resided with his parents in Three Springs  Brimson, Albert (I1439)
241 Residing at 64 Frederick Rd. Hamilton Hill in 1963 Munro, Vernon George (I1237)
242 sa
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Waldock, Phillip (I3285)
243 Sarah Munro, Widow granted 5s pwk from Compassionate Fund for 3 months. (GD2878. 7.5.1865). This payment extended to 31.5.1865, in consideration of Mrs Munro having a baby at the breast and therefore unable to do much for her support Dawson, Sarah (I540)
244 Sarah was only 18 when she married George 30.
According to Irish Fortunes by Gladys Clarke...
Sarah made her way to SA after her second son was born.She was working as a cook at Lindsay Park the home of the Angas Family when she met William Russell,bullock-drover for the Angas Family.
She claimed to be a widow,and married William after their fourth child was born.
William and Sarah claimed to have been married 9th August 1841 in Gunning,NSW when baptising their illegitamate son Edward at St Alipius Roman Catholic Church,Ballarat.
When George gave detail of his mothers death,he signed it as George Russell and completed the details in accordance with the accepted story that Sarah had married once to William in NSW. 
Jeffery, Sarah Walter (I495)
245 Scots Church Dawson, Jane (I3179)
246 Scots Church Dawson, John (I3180)
247 Scots Church Dawson, Betty (I3181)
248 Scots church Dawson, William (I3182)
249 Scots Church Dawson, Hannah Armitage (I3183)
250 Scots Church Dawson, David (I3184)

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