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Within a month of her 88th birthday there passed away at her residence, Port Denison, Dongarra, another of the State's old pioneers, in the person of Mrs Emma Wilton. The deceased lady was born at Cambridge, England, on May 29th, 1851, and came to West ern Australia in 1852 with her parents (Mr. and Mrs. K. Eversden) in the ship 'Sabina.' From the time she was nine years old until 1878 the late Mrs. Wil ton lived at Greenougb, being married

on April 8th, 1874, to the late Mr. Robert Abel Wilton, who predeceased her on February I8th, 1932. In 1878, with her three small children, she went with her husband to the Murchison. where they started a sheep run, which was carried on until 1892. During this period of loneliness and danger, the remaining members of the her family, numbering eleven, were born. There were five sons and six daughters, of whom eight are still living, seven of them being present at her funeral. During her residence on the Murchison, the deceased lady and her young family, were constantly surrounded by natives, but they never suffered the slightest harm, her kindly nature being a safeguard in this respect. After returning to Greenough at the end of 1892, to take up farming, her husband suffered from ill-health which more or less affected him until his death. The late Mrs. Wilton engaged in maternity nursing in Greenough and the neigh bourhood. In 1919 the family removed to Dongarra, where deceased continued to reside. About twelve years ago Mrs. Wilton was afflicted with blind ness, and after having led such an active life the restrictions which this affliction placed on her energies was severely felt by her. One sister (Mrs. Charles Douglas, of Leederville), who is now 78 years of age, survives her. Her descendants include thirty-seven grandchildren and twenty greatgrand children. Six of her grandchildren predeceased her. The funeral took place on Monday morning last at Greenough, the Rev. R. G. Pym, of Dongarra, offic iating. The chief, mourners were Mr. and Mrs. T. Hellier -(son-in-law and daughter) : Mr. and Mrs. R. Wil ton (son and daughter-in-law) ; Mr. and Mrs. G. Wilton (son-in-law and daugh ter) : Mrs. W. Wilton (daughter) : Mr. G. Wilton (son), Mr. E. Wilton (son) : Mrs. Ann Plester (daughter) : Messrs. Alf Wilton, G. Plester, S. Plester, A. Plester, K. Plester, F. Plester. D. Wil ton, P. Wilton (grandsons!); Misses Doreen Plester, Dorothy Wilton, Olive Wilton (grand-daughters) : Mr. and Mrs. John Wilton (nephew and niece): Amongst those present at the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. D. Wilton. Mr. and Mrs. K. Hollingsworth. Mr. and Mrs. T. Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. G. Knapp, Mrs. Johnson, sen., Mrs. Anna Stokes and son, Mrs. M. Duncan and son, Rev. A. Kerr, Messrs. G. John- stone, L. Wilton, M. Wilton. H. Eves, W. Criddle, G. Connolly. W. Poole, A. J. Plester and F. Money.
EVERSDEN, Emma (I48)
2 (Medical):Buried in Albany Pioneer Cemetery FORWARD, Edward James (I549)
3 (Medical):Died aged 1 week, Bried at Creswick cemetery FORWARD, Charles (I551)
4 (Medical):Died at Claremont Mental Hospital FORWARD, George Walter (I550)
5 (Medical):Duration 3 to 4 years BRASH, Jane (I493)
6 (Medical):Duration 5 days FORWARD, Harold Lewis Wilmott (I552)
7 (Medical):Mining accident at the Mignonette Lease FORWARD, George (I103)
8 (Medical):See attached sources. BRIMSON, Robert Tanner (I178)
9 (Medical):Ten days duration FORWARD, Sarah Jeffrey (I548)
10 (Medical):Tuberculosis of lymph glands inside the abdomen. An illness of children caused by drinking milk from cows infected with tuberculosis. MUNRO, Flora (I543)
11 (Medical):YESTERDAY afternoon a middle-aged man named James Munro dropped down dead on board the lighter Florence at the Fremantle jetty. Munro was engaged on the lighter, sending up slings of railway material. He was observed to stagger and after trying to regain his balance he fell on the deck of the lighter. Death ensued in two or three minutes, and the body of the deceased was taken to the morgue. Munro leaves a wife and a family. It is stated that he has suffered from heart disease for some time. MUNRO, James Peter (I526)
12 (Research):22 Sep ? 1817 MUNRO, Archibald (I539)
13 (Research):Remembered by Archibald Peirl born 1911 and died 2000.
Whereabouts unknown, may have ended up in a poorhouse or orphanage. 
MUNRO, Archibald (I544)
14 (Research):Repository BRIMSON, Robert Tanner (I178)
15 (Research):See attached sources. EVERSDEN, Edward (I233)
16 (Research):See attached sources. EVERSDEN, Ellen (I237)
17 (Research):See attached sources. EVERSDEN, Sarah Anne (I24)
18 (Research):Whereabouts unknown, may have ended up in a poorhouse or orphanage. MUNRO, Rebecca (I542)
19 6618/1954 THOMAS JAMES 75 YEARS LEPPINGTON CAMDEN  THOMAS, James George (I1366)
20 7 th Day Adventist minister HOLLINGSWORTH, Forrest (I2865)
21 7 th Day Adventist minister HOLLINGSWORTH, Harold (I2866)
Although this is his first visit to Perth, in fact the first time that he has been south of Carnamah, in the whole of his 62 years, Mr. Robert Wilton, of Yuna, stated to a representative of the 'West Australian' last week that he is not greatly impressed with city life and would prefer to be rambling through the bush with his favorite gun. Born at Greenough, Mr. Wilton acquired a taste for solitude in his early years whilst shepherding his father's flocks on Gooroowell Station, and frankly admits that he is 'not at his best amongst a crowd of people.' 'I have never seen a tramcar until this week,' he said, with a smile, 'and had never ridden in one until last night, but I am not exactly out of date, as I do most of my travelling by car, and all my farming work is done by tractors, although I leave the driving of them to the younger men.
Powerfully-built and carrying his years easily, Mr. Wilton looks a picture of health, although he states that a bout of rheumatic fever has stiffened his joints somewhat. He admitted that he had suffered from rheumatism for years, but claimed to have cured himself by bee stings incurred whilst robbing the nests of the wild bees.
As a shearer in the days of the blades, and for a few seasons with the machines, he has 'undressed the woollies' throughout a large portion of the State's sheep country, and long before the advent of motor trucks or even the camel teams which preceded them, he used to cart wool to the port of Gerald ton with horse teams. With the exception of seven years as a fettler on the railways, and a brief experience of prospecting trips, on one of which he almost died for want of water, Mr. Wilton has been chiefly engaged in farming pursuits. At present he farms 2,600 acres at Yuna, where he produced over: 9,000 bushels of wheat this season. Married since 1897, he has seven sons and a daughter, and Mrs. Wilton is still supervising the running of her own property at Howatharra. 'The buildings in Perth are well worth seeing,' he remarked as he departed, 'but when I leave had a look round the Sou'-West I'll be quite ready to go back to the farm at Yuna.'
"A YUNA FARMER." Geraldton Guardian and Express (WA : 1929 - 1947) 1 Mar 1938 
WILTON, Robert (I50)
23 Accidental death at Western Australian Government Railways Workshops Midland. KENWORTHY, Geoffrey Arthur (I2445)
24 According to family that knew her, Jane claimed she did not know her parents and the couple that bought her out here had a fight and burnt all of her/their papers.

Jane aged 7 years arrived in Victoria, Australia with parents/gaurdians,Robert(34) & MrsBrash(36) in September 1862 per BRUCE.

Jane married William Forward in 1871 and cites fathers name Brash christian name unknown and mothers name unknown.

Mary Scott reverted to her maiden name by the time she died in 1872, whilst Robert died in 1914 described as as a widower but issue unknown on his death certificate.

Jane was living in Great Boulde, Western Australiar when her husband died in 1900.
In 1916 post office records show she was living at 58A Moran st Boulder, she lived there until her death in 1934 aged 79 years.

Jane's age on various documents suggest she may have been born in 1854, her birth place was always listed as Glasgow or Scotland.

Known to family as little grandma, she always wore long dresses and boots and liked to lie in bed reading her bible by candlelight. According to family sources she had done some beautiful paintings one of Christ carrying a lantern and another of a stag or deer. 
BRASH, Jane (I493)
25 According to the Biographical index of South Australians Lavinia Reed was born in Kapunda REED, Lavina (I498)
26 aged 62 years COUSINS, Ivy Elizabeth (I2567)
27 Albert lived in York district. He was a member of CC Hunt's (ADB4) 1364 exploration party that surveyed a track from York to the Eastern Goldflelds which was later used by Alexander Forrest and is now signposted as the York to Goldfields Heritage Trail. He later mined at Peter Wongie goldfleld near Geraldton and farmed at Greenough (Western Mail - 24.3.1916 (page 33) Albert, as a young man, went to Greenough in 1872. After his marriage to Clara Wilton in Greenough they settled in York, possibly working with his brother, John Joseph. He returned to Greenough in 1876. He later had a blacksmith shop in Minegnew and was a blacksmith also in Greenough and York. In about 1903 he retired to Middle Swan on one acre of land. KENWORTHY, Albert Edward (I61)
28 Alias Annie Lotita,Annie Leticia WILTON, Annie Lolita (I36)
29 Archibald Munro posted to York Station 26.1.1852. Then to 32 Mile Albany Road, his working pay 2s pd. (GD1536. 31.5.1858). He reported he had been without salt pork at No 2 Albany Road since 31.8.1858. Had allowed prisoners additional quantities of flour and tea for their dinner. His working pay increased to 2s 6d pd. (GD1576. 15.9.1858). A prisoner strayed away from camp on the evening of 5.11.1858. A party of Aboriginal trackers were sent out the following morning; owing to nature of ground they were unsuccessful in tracking him. IW. (GD1834. 24.12.1859). Withdrawn from Champion Bay. (CSF43. 24.6.1861). Discharged from Royal Engineers on 21.12.1861..copy of his discharge papers:- corps of royal engineers. this is to certify,that NO.616 sapper archibald munro born in the parish of ardehatten in or near the town of OBAN in the county of Argyle was enlisted at glasgow for the R L Sappers of MIners on the 9 feb.1842 at the age of 24 8/12 years.that he served in the army for 19 years and 315 days.he is discharged in consequence at a full discharge to settle in west australia colonies with 12 months pay and right of registry of defence pension at 604m of age of 6d per C R Engineers 1363/31.dated at fremantle wa 21 dec 1861.character, conduct good in possession of one good conduct badge.corpral.says in his notes that in 1864 he owned "swan 20 acres".
A carpenter by trade he was recomended to take charge of party erecting the jetty at Bunbury. (CompGen 28.1.1864). To report himself for Warder's exam. (CSR 546/1. 30.1.1864). AW. 4.2.1864. Exertion money 4d pd fm 1.8.1864. He was sick on 13.9.1864 the 2nd time for same illness, "I fear his state of health is such that he never will be able permanently to resume his duties" 
MUNRO, Archibald (I539)
30 Arrived in Aust 1 SEP 1883 Per the ship "Ashmore" BRANDFORD, Eliza (I1944)
31 Arrived in Port Adelaide on the 1 July 1847 per the La Belle Alliance with his wife and 5 children.His occupations included miner,wood & chaff merchant.
Religion, Bc

John and Ann together with their five children, left Goldsithney, near Penzance, Cornwall and emigrated to Burra, SA in 1847. They came out on the ship "La Belle Alliance"
One of the earliest settlers at Burra, SA. He was a miner who was employed by Burra Copper Mine.Other activities included, 1864-1869- a teamster, 1877 and 1878- a SA Mining assistant and 1883 as a dealer (most probably chaff and wood) of Kooringa, Burra, SA. He was in SA for 38 1/2 years and was an active member of the Bible Christian Church. 
SAMPSON, John (I945)
32 Arrived per CUMBERLAND 26 Jan 1846 (a Parkhurst boy) WARREN, Edward Arthur (I501)
33 Arrived per MERMAID 13 May 1851,enrolled pensioner guard. He was formerly a private in the 5th regiment. In 1852 he was considered unbalanced and treated at the Asylum. Owned Perth Town lot 1857. HARRIS, John (I931)
34 Arrived per WARRIOR 12 Mar 1830 with his Family,as a servant to J.W. Turner
of Augusta. 
DEWAR, John (I503)
35 As a young man, Arthur worked at the Post office, Minegnew and in later years worked
at Aitken's Grocery Store, Midland Junction. Possibly a good athelete (runner) and won prizes
(info from Joe and Jean Minchin)
Arthur and Mabel lived in Toodyay Road, Middle Swan. They had two sons
Geoffrey Arthur and James Leslie. 
KENWORTHY, Arthur (I340)
36 At Coranning, when he suffered a fractured base of skull, following a fall from a buggy. He buried at Williams Cemetary. WALDOCK, John (I305)
37 Beth died of a heart attack.Her middle name was spelt Junetta in Alice's Will. FORWARD, Beth Jeanette (I167)
38 By 1908 was living with her husband and children in Three Springs  YATES, Fanny Jane (I191)
39 Catherine died two weeks after Emily was born, she had been riding sidesaddle when the horse startled near a gate. Catherine was thrown from the horse and landed on top of a gate post on her stomach prior to giving birth, it was believed that this accident contributed to Catherine's early death she was only 37 years old. MCCAGH, Catherine (I35)
40 Christened 20 August 1887 RUMBLE, Joseph (I325)
41 christened as William Frederick WILTON, William Frederick (I109)
42 Convict arrived per CLYDE 29 May 1863 YATES, William (I1470)
43 Convict number 2946, sentenced to seven years in Gloucester, for highway robbery SMITH, John (I624)
44 Convict,sentenced 14 years for Rape.Arrived per the NILE on the 1 Jan
1858.His wife and four children followed him to Australia,arriving on the
26 Dec 1860 per the ESCORT. 
POOLE, John (I209)
45 Convicted for stealing sheep,sentenced for eight years,arrived in Western Australia on the 18 Aug 1859 per the SULTANA .Convict Number 5449, age 34, 5 foot three and one half inches in height, hair light, eyes grey, face oval, complexion fair, no identifying marks, middling to stout. T/L 13 Apr 1861,Guildford,WA Conditional Pardon 25 Dec 1863,Swan,WA Certificate of Freedom 15 Apr 1865

Robert's occupation was shown as a farmer, he was also - Guildford/Toodyay/Greenmount Rd, timber contractor (alm 1880). Employed 9 Ticket of Leave men ? 1861-1869, including a woodcutter. Tenant at Key Farm, Toodyay 1880's. Police Gazette No 34 Wednesday August 25th 1886 " Robert Brimson, exp., late 5449, and Samuel Brimson, charged at Guildford, on the 17th inst. by P.C. Savage, with being in unlawful occupation of Crown Lands. Fined respectively ten pounds and five pounds with costs." He is supposed to have leased the Lakes Police Station about 1894. Robert died at their home, The Avenue, Midland. Cause of death - senile decay, dropsy and cardiac failure. Susannah was shown as a domestic servant She lived with her daughter Julia Alice, son Ernest Edward and daughter-in-law Grace Sylvia, at 94 Caledonian Ave, Maylands until her death. They are buried in adjoining graves at Karrakatta Cemetary, No's NC21 & 22. Twin headstones read:

Robert Beloved husband of Susan Brimson
Died 27th May 1920. Aged 91 years. At Rest.
Our Beloved Mother Susan Brimson
Died 8th July 1936. Aged 90 years.
BRIMSON, Robert Tanner (I178)
46 Cook at the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs in 1948  WILTON, Hilda Alice (I86)
47 Cremated STOKES, Roy Stanley (I480)
48 Cremated STOKES, Edgar Mervyn (I481)
49 Date of death calculated MUNRO, Charles (I541)
50 Death date descepency 20 or 28 May 1958 KENWORTHY, Edwin David (I344)

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