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101 UID 4C534A954AA3494CB859E5E4CA6B4E57B496 JEFFREY, Stephen (I3193)
102 UID 53F64FE1361745E3BB2C3E638DDCADB642D2 JEFFERY, Thomas (I3208)
103 UID 783423EF447F4B1CB5AD0D9AFD02E3D6A971 DAWSON, Rebecca (I3143)
104 UID 872202518C904521BCB4B7607BD528961389 JEFFERY, Walter (I2514)
105 UID 9B19A523A1F84B3B8D10E40E58163B3508EC LAWN, Eliza (I973)
106 UID AAF0E2FA539044E3A4E58175EFC9702C534A DAWSON, Alexander (I3176)
107 UID B83EF37F1E6F421CB8FE83BFC846B6889701 JEFFERY, William (I3203)
108 UID D377145246F846BE8513CAE7ACB897649A1B DAWSON, Peter (I3185)
109 UID D58D400119134093863140E96CE86473ADFF DAWSON, John (I3186)
110 UID DB2348F7C25C40BFA23137A9B7094F749082 JEFFREY, Thomas (I2500)
111 UID DBFC633E39C14DA18960265F8568CB1DA34C DAWSON, Jane (I3179)
112 UID E1FD4EFF6C8248D0ADFA09AF8614F981A486 JEFFREY, Richard (I3196)
113 We think he arrived on the ship "Marloo" which called at Port Adelaide and arrived at Fremantle in August 1895.There was a Mr J Sampson on this ship.
Together with his future brother-in-law, Wesley Nankivell, Jim had a dairy located at Brown hill, Kalgoorlie, WA.
Later Jim started a dairy in Maddington and he operated this for many years. He kept over 100 head of dairy cattle which were milked twice daily with four people milking, one feeding chaff to keep the cows quiet whilst being milked and one on the water cooling-used to cool the milk.
Jim was a councillor in the Gosnells Shire Council for 19 years. There is a Sampson St in Maddington, WA
From "The Family Tree of John and Ann Sampson" by Albert Leonard Sampson. 
SAMPSON, James (I954)
114 Well-known. Identity's Death,- By the death of Mr. Edward Poole, of Shenton Street,/ Geraldton, which occurred early on Sunday morning, at th,e Victoria Hospital, an old identity .of Bookara and Geraldton has passed away,. Deceased, who was 79 years -f age was a native of Suffolk, England, and for .several years, past had been living1 in Shenton Street, where he cul . itivated a garden. . He is survived by one son, who lives at Bookara. His -wife ' predeceased him several years ago. The ? funeral- took place at the Anglican Cemetery, Greenough, yester djLy? the Bcv. G. '' Arblaster corducting the  POOLE, Edward (I212)
115 When Alice married William Forward consent for marriage was given by Mary Elizabeth Grenfell (nee Sampson) Alice's Aunt. Family F39
116 When his son William George was born in 1903, Edward was living at 363 Bourke st Sydney.His occupation was a hairdresser.
By 1910 Edward was living at 169 Aberdeen st Perth.
Tenant in the Albany town boundry 1912-1913.
In 1916 he was farming at Torbay near Albany,WA.
Edward is buried at Albany Pioneer Cemetery,Methodist Portion,(Top) section,row N,grave 12.
Edward's headstone inscription reads Forward,Edward James.Accidentally killed 23rd December 1921.Husband of Sarah, father of Isabella and Eva. 
FORWARD, Edward James (I549)
117 WHITE SWAN Penn Street publicans
1863. Joseph Hall / 1868 - 72. Abel Wilton / 1875. S. Stone / 1877 - 92. Thomas Webb
1896. William Feltham / 1901 - 09. Elizabeth Hall / 1914. Joseph Hall / 1917 - 28. Michael Broderick 
WILTON, Abel (I6)
118 William's occupation was a miner,He arrived in SA when he was about 9 years old.
His occupations included miner,dam sinker & contact teamster.
William was living in Mica street,Broken Hill at the time of his death. 
SAMPSON, William (I943)
119 Witness; Alice Wilton, George Wilton, Walter Wilton. Family F17
120 Witness; Edward John Edwards, George Henry "Thrupp?", Charlotte Poole. Family F28
121 Witness; George Wilton, Louisa Wilton, A. Smith. Family F45
122 Witness; Walter Wilton, Charlotte Wilton. Family F24
123 Witness; William Stokes, Emily Wilton. Family F9
124 York l859 Census shows John as employed by W. Robins.(? shepherd, Pinjarra l880-l884). Emp. 2 or 3 T/L men - possibly one at Middle Swan l864. He was apparently a woodcutter at Perth l873, and a labourer at Quindanning, Williams River l879. A farmer before l900.

Police Gazette Western Australia No 39, Wednesday September 30th l885, Page l60 gives a lengthy account of the murder of Catherine Waldock (nee Fletcher).
"Williams. Inquest. On the l9th inst, at the Police Court, before J.C. Rosselloty, R.M. & Coroner, on the body of Catherine Waldock, who was shot dead at Quindanning on the l6th inst. Verdict "Death from a gunshot wound, such wound having been inflicted by one Henry Sherry."

The West Australian, Wednesday October 28th l885, tells of the hanging of Henry Sherry. He had been transported in l863 per 'Dalhousie'. He left a wife and six children.
His widow, Annie Sherry, subsequently became John's second wife. 
WALDOCK, John (I305)

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