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101 Died in infancy KNAPP, Darren (I2304)
102 Died in infancy 1924 BRIMSON, Grace Elizabeth (I2230)
103 Died in the 1940's
THOMAS, Hilda (I1367)
104 Drowned BRIMSON, Robert William (I180)
105 Early one morning in 1948 her husband collapsed to the floor, and she walked about two miles with their infant baby to get help ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
Their neighbour Archie SAUNDERS went to get her husband however found he was unable to get him into the car on his own ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
After driving into the Arrino townsite and getting someone to help they took her husband straight to the hospital in Three Springs ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
Her husband died the same afternoon at the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs ?sup?[P2]?/sup? 
WILTON, Maud Louisa (I320)
106 Edward was a farmer at Greenough,he died of Typhoid fever in 1860. EVERSDEN, Edward (I233)
107 Emily died from burns received when her clothes caught fire, she was washing clothes at the time and died about three weeks later from infection. WILTON, Emily Catherine (I47)
109 Family stories were that Annies name was Annabel Matilda Adelaide Jackson, however these are just myth and probably created to hide the truth. Annie was born Annie Maria Lloyd, she was the illegitimate daughter of Amelia Lloyd. Amelia Lloyd later married Peter Jackson.
In 1861 at Wannerenooka Amelia married Peter Jackson and Annie Maria and her brother William (also illegitimate) assumed the surname. Both married as
Amelia and Peter had three children of which only two daughters survived. Amelia died in 1873 and Peter died in 1874 shortly after Annie Maria was married.

IMPORTANT NOTE****This individual is not the same as Annie Mary Jackson born 1856, daughter of William Dockray Jackson and Catherine, nee Cleary. That Annie Mary Jackson married Richard GIBBONS in 1885 in Fremantle. 
JACKSON, Annie Maria (I34)
110 Farmer on the South Front Flats CONNOLLY, James (I62)
111 Father listed as William ?? YATES, Samuel (I1475)
112 Found a birth registration for a Beatrice Esther Charlotte Wilton born 1903 (# 6181)
mother's name Elizabeth Maria Wilton no father listed. 
WILTON, Elizabeth Maria (I37)
113 Francis was known as "Snowy" and was an epileptic. He drowned in 1932. BRIMSON, Francis Gordon (I2227)
114 From the West Australian Newspaper 3 September 1901.
From the report dealing with the
Perth Female Home. it is gathered that
the number of inmates on August 31 was
42, as against 46 for the previous month.
Seven individuals were admitted to the
Home, one re-admitted and nine dii
charged and three deatns were record
ed. The inmates who died were Sarah
Wall, 63: Lilly Paterson, 39: and Ann
Wetherall, 85. 
DUNN, Ann (I2210)
115 Geoffrey was apprenticed as a car and wagon builder in the West Australian Government Railway Workshops in Midland Junction and worked there until his death. During World War 11, he was manpowered but served in the Volunteer Defence Corp stationed at F'remantle and rose to the rank of Sergeant. He and Rose purchased a block of land and built a house at 134 Commercial Road, West Midland which was then changed to 412 Gt. Eastern Highway, West Midland. KENWORTHY, Geoffrey Arthur (I2445)
116 George was a widower with one daughter when he married Sarah Jeffrey.
according to the Book Irish Fortunes by Gladys Clarke,George ,Sarah & Frances embarked on the William Jardine late August 1841.George Forward was a gardener and had been sponsered by Mr Vickory of George Street Sydney at a wage of 30 pounds a year plus rations.
They arrived on the 23 December 1841.
When their son George was christened,George & Sarah were living at Arkstone,Burrowa,NSW, George being a servant to Mr Howell.By 1848 when their second son was born George was a gardener living at Pudman,Burrowa,NSW. 
FORWARD, George (I494)
117 George was baptised George Russell at St Alipius Roman Catholic Church on 18/10/1856 when he was 14.He reverted to the Forward surname after his mother died.He did use the name George Russell Forward when registering the birth of his first child.
George and his family came over to WA around 1894.
In 1899 post office records show George as living at Mt Charlotte,Kalgoorlie.
In 1900 he died from a skull fracture sustained in a fall of earth at the Mignonette Lease,Tampa,WA.His wife Jane notified the Menzies registrar of his death in writing from her home in Great Boulder.
George is buried at Tampa cemetery,there is no headstone to mark the grave but it is believed that someone has marked the grave with a pile of rocks.
Only two other individuals are buried at Tampa. 
FORWARD, George (I103)
118 George was living at Albany at the time of his brother's death. FORWARD, George Walter (I550)
119 Gladys died from tetanus following a tragic motor accident at a bridge at Byford, WA. Her yougest child May was only 15 nths old at the time. After the accident the children's grandmother, Mrs "Emmie" Sampson, looked after the children and brought them up.
From "The Family Tree of John and Ann Sampson" by Albert Leonard Sampson. 
SAMPSON, Gladys Priscilla (I1986)
120 Had departed Broken Hill by 1891.
Religion, Bc 
SAMPSON, John Bramwell Rawling (I1174)
121 Had five children, four died at birth due to RH negative blood group incompatability.
Daughter Pamela lived until 2 years old. 
KENWORTHY, Janet Clara (I1848)
122 Had one adopted child KENWORTHY, William Albert (I337)
123 He was serving on the HMAS Perth at the time of his death. PHILLIP, Roveta (I1314)
124 His occupation was a book keeper,he did not marry SAMPSON, Thomas (I961)
125 In 1897 William was working as a smelter hand in a silver mine at Broken Hill and the family's residence was Mica street Broken Hill.His occupations included Miner & smelter hand. SAMPSON, William (I497)
126 In 1905 post office records show William living at 36 Johnson st Boulder.
Then in 1925 post office records show him living at 58A Moran st Boulder, his mothers residence.He lived there until his death in 1938 and his wife Alice stayed until her death in 1951. 
FORWARD, William (I159)
127 In Memorium-Kalgoorlie Miner 23 October 1967.
WILTON,Stella.-In loving memories of our daughter who passed away a year ago.Fondist Memories.-Loving mother and step-father 
WILTON, Stella Rose (I298)
128 Index of BDM's in western Australia 1841-1905,includes reference numbers for purchasing certificates Source (S82)
129 James Leslie, known as Les, worked at Whiteman's Brickyard at Middle Swan and later as a mechanic with Massey Harris in Maylands and at the Midland Abattoirs. During World War 11, he served with the 2128 Battalion in New Guinea. He died at home from a "ruptured Aorta". KENWORTHY, James Leslie (I2446)
130 Jane Brash age 6, Scholar, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire.
Living at 14 Fordnenke Street 
BRASH, Jane (I493)
131 Janet's son , Robert Branwell Hopkins is buried in the same grave. SAMPSON, Jennett "Janet" Ann (I947)
132 Jesse & Maria arrived in Western Australia 5.9.1853 per 'Clara' with five children. According to 1851 Census of Ashwell, Jesse & Maria(h) were living there in High Street, with William, John, Julia and Suzannah - Sarah was born in 1851 Records in Battye Library show Jesse as an agricultural farmer having 40 acres near Wongamine. Avon Location 582, situated approximately 3 km west of the boundary of the Shire of Goomalling and Shire of Toodyay. The location is also at the intersection of the Wongamine & Toodyay-Goomalling Roads. During 1864 - 1868 he employed 2 Ticket of Leave men. At the time of Susannah & Robert Brimson's marriage, Jesse was shown as a shoemaker. WALDOCK, Jesse (I302)
133 Johnson Street church FORWARD, Edith Mary (I166)
134 Killed in active service during WW1. STOKES, Clarence (I470)
135 Killed in active service during WW1. STOKES, Robert Watson (I2508)
136 Known as "Dido"
Resided with his parents in Three Springs ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Won 4th prize for a Schoolchild's Crayon Drawing at the Three Springs Day held on Thursday 26 September 1918 ?sup?[10: 4-Oct-1918]?/sup?
Member of the Three Springs Football Club in 1922 ?sup?[10: 12-May-1922]?/sup?
Participated in the Kangaroo Hunting & Picnic Party's hunt in Three Springs on Friday and Saturday 1-2 September 1922 ?sup?[9: 15-Sep-1922]?/sup?
Married Florence Gertrude NASH in Perth in 1927 ?sup?[66]?/sup?
Labourer on ?i?Bonnie Doon ?/i?Farm in Three Springs 1932-1935 ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club in 1935-36 ?sup?[5: 13-Dec-1935]?/sup?
Resided of late in the Mandurah suburb of Halls Head ?sup?[2]?/sup?
Died 17 May 1988; cremated at the Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA ?sup?[2]?/sup? 
BRIMSON, George William (I1417)
137 Laborer with the Royal Arsenal HARDSTONE, Charles William (I3190)
138 Labourer in Three Springs 1928 and 1929 ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Farmer in East Yuna 1930-1935 ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Labourer in Three Springs 1938-1941 ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Later resided in Kalamunda ?sup?[2]?/sup?
Died 15 June 1970; ashes interred Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Lawn 2, Niche Wall, W2, 143) ?sup?[2]?/sup? 
WILTON, George Abel (I110)
139 Labourer in Three Springs 1929-1939 and Farmer in Three Springs 1941-1948 ?sup?[19]?/sup?
Came 3rd in the 12 to 15 Years Boys Race at the Peace Celebrations in Three Springs on Saturday 19 July 1919 ?sup?[10: 25-Jul-1919]?/sup?
Winner of Tilting at the Ring at the Three Springs Day held in Three Springs on Thursday 28 September 1922 ?sup?[9: 20-Oct-1922]?/sup?
Member of the Three Springs Football Club 1927-1935 ?sup?[4: 7-May-1927] [5: 15-Jun-1934, 21-Jun-1935]?/sup?
He was among the 400 people who attended the Matrons and Benedicts Ball held in Three Springs on 31 August 1928 ?sup?[4: 8-Sep-1928]?/sup?
Played for the North Midlands Football Association in a match against the Perenjori-Morawa Association on 28 July 1935 ?sup?[5: 2-Aug-1935]?/sup?
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club in 1936-37 ?sup?[5: 6-Nov-1936]?/sup?
Provisional Umpire for the first game of the North Midlands Football Association in Three Springs in 1937 ?sup?[5: 30-Apr-1937]?/sup?
In June 1937 he was appointed a Central Umpire of the North Midlands Football Association ?sup?[5: 11-Jun-1937]?/sup?
Boundary Umpire of the final three matches of the North Midlands Football Association in 1937 ?sup?[5: 27-Aug-1937]?/sup?
Motored to Perth with Alfred HUNTER and Cecil M. MALEY on 28 July 1937 and returned to Three Springs the next day ?sup?[5: 30-Jul-1937]?/sup?
Married Maude Louisa WILTON ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
Sharefarmer and Manager of a property in Arrino in 1948 ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
Collapsed to the floor early one morning and after being taken to the hospital in Three Springs died that afternoon ?sup?[P2]?/sup?
After he had collapsed his wife had walked about two miles to get help with their infant children in its pram ?sup?[P2]?/sup?

Known as Pincher 
BRIMSON, Ernest Edward Walter (I323)
140 Last Will & Testament of Alice Forward.
First Codicil.
I direct my executor to make the following legacies:
My wireless radio and picture of Kathleen to William Forward.
My silver coffee pot and 3 pictures of her father,grandmother and Jean Livinia Harper and myself to Jean Livinia Harper.
Pedestal,Fathers easy chair and silver cake basket to Daphne May Daly.
Kitchenette to Harold George Forward.
Piano and picture of Edith Mary Wilkinson and myself to Edith Mary Wilkinson.
Sewing Machine to Beth Junetta Sharpe.
It is my wish that on her death the machine shall be given to her children.
My linen and clothing to be distributed amongst my daughters as my exetutor shall think fit.
I appoint William Forward as an additional executor of my said will.
In all other respects I confirm my said will.
Dated this 7th day of December 1949.
A. M. Forward

Frank J. O'Dea
L. Conole 
SAMPSON, Alice Maud (I160)
141 Lillian gave birth to a son between 1927 & 1930, he is buried at the Boulder cemetery. FORWARD, Lillian Maud (I161)
142 Listed as previous issue on William's birth registration do not know which state she was born in no registrations found in WA or NSW. FORWARD, Ellen (I939)
143 living in Salutation Alley DAWSON, Benjamin (I3142)
144 Margaret and Eliza were twins HARRIS, Margaret (I528)
145 Married at William Lewis' residence. Family F37
146 Mary Brash age 36, Carpet weaver's wife SCOTT, Mary (I3139)
147 Minnie apparently went to Transvaal, South Africa with the household of Governor Sir Arthur Lawley in l902.
He relinquished his Post on Declaration of Peace, and was posted to Madras l906.
Family knowledge is that William came to W.A. to buy horses for the Army. It may be that he met Minnie at this time. No record of a marriage can be located here, and South African authorities are unable to find same among their Records. 
BRIMSON, Minnie Eva (I187)
148 Motor Mechanic in Three Springs 1925-1929 ?sup?[6] [19]?/sup?
Proprietor of the Three Springs Garage in partnership as "Ward & Wilton" in 1926 ?sup?[9: 21-May-1926]?/sup?
At the Three Springs Garage they performed prompt repairs, and sold petrol and oil at the cheapest rates ?sup?[9]?/sup?
By 1928 he was the sole proprietor of the Three Springs Garage, at which he undertook repairs to all makes of cars ?sup?[4: 19-May-1928]?/sup?
Did vulcanising work and kept a stock of spare parts of hand at his garage ?sup?[4: 19-May-1928]?/sup?
In 1928 he was also an agent for the Employers' Liability Insurance Corporation ?sup?[4: 19-May-1928]

Geraldton, April 6
From a gunshot wound received while ploughing at East Yuna, William Wilton (30) died at Northampton Hospital yesterday.
Wilton was driving a tractor and plough, and had a shotgun with him on the tractor. He was working through the night, and about 1 o'clock the gun was accidentally discharged and he was struck by the shot.
Ref.- Northern Times (Carnarvon, W.A.),Thu 10 Apr 1930, Page 3

WILTON. \emdash On April 5, 1930, at the Northampton Hospital, William Frederick, beloved second son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilton, of East Yuna.
To a beautiful life came a sad end,
He died as he lived \emdash everyone's friend.
Ref.- Geraldton Guardian and Express, Mon 28 Apr 1930, Page 2 ?/sup? 
WILTON, Frederick William (I109)
149 Names were often spelt phonetically hence the variations in spelling. When registering an event sometimes the registrars could not understand the accents and wrote what they had heard. PURRAS, Jean (I3162)
150 Nee Rielly ANDERSON, Maxine May (I2523)

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