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151 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S15)
152 Thomas wanted to marry Stella Wilton in the first place but his father would not permit it,stating there had already been enough intermarrying in the Wilton family already.
Thomas married Stella in 1965, she died ten months later from a blood clot which formed after she started taking oral contraceptives. 
Family F501
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154 UID 0284C77D451F4412A50D3757665ECFF84FBA DAWSON, Isabel (I3177)
155 UID 02BEB798594D4CD792FC5126CD4A181F2B77 KNAPP, John Leonard (I2885)
156 UID 07D8E4874F824EB88639D85FB0A6D58CCECB KNAPP, Leslie George (I2888)
157 UID 0CBB22085F374F488F4E8078D955A3F0B4F3 SMITH, Henry (I888)
158 UID 1973BBCA9F174E44A91B7F49737DB75BE722 CONNOLLY, Beryl Constance (I2845)
159 UID 1B77E4A70D87412CB063E785DF77491955DF KENWORTHY, Walter Benjamin (I345)
160 UID 22B45A3CDA464AEEBCF7F4E41C3A75556F4A LEAVER, Sarah Hannah (I1154)
161 UID 236709732DAE4E32AE2C8CD1DAA7C6A58481 JEFFERY, Stephen (I3206)
162 UID 26B3FD3BC0F44060A26F706D90FBE315D6F4 KENWORTHY, Clara Elizabeth (I338)
163 UID 2C266023EB1549648762F7BE048241A48B6C KENWORTHY, Charles William "Charlie" (I1850)
164 UID 2E76E0DEF6B54A1F8BC7AB8E1FD33BCFFD65 JEFFREY, Henry (I3211)
165 UID 4BCCB16461FC4BA8AEB51A1CA995E73F7997 KENNEDY, Patrick Charles (I192)
166 UID 4C534A954AA3494CB859E5E4CA6B4E57B496 JEFFREY, Stephen (I3193)
167 UID 53F64FE1361745E3BB2C3E638DDCADB642D2 JEFFERY, Thomas (I3208)
168 UID 5955F854C6C642CAA4BE9EFC140DF7EB9119 KNAPP, Eric Mervyn (I2886)
169 UID 783423EF447F4B1CB5AD0D9AFD02E3D6A971 DAWSON, Rebecca (I3143)
170 UID 7AD853CB4F3E4036B8A863902F450EC911CF CARSE, Alice Mary (I1777)
171 UID 813EC14CB6434D00A853E4ED67EF642BC361 KENWORTHY, John Joseph (I339)
172 UID 82BA4B518019419A8BE1DE2E9B293DE1A61F KENWORTHY, Keith Edward (I1845)
173 UID 8492D437AB6B434081F8ACC3DF63096F5C79 KNAPP, George Henry (I2217)
174 UID 872202518C904521BCB4B7607BD528961389 JEFFERY, Walter (I2514)
175 UID 89CB72C0B6434F1F9C581F5592C43C796037 CLEMENTS-BRIGHTON, John Martin (I2216)
176 UID 8DAF6FAF6EDE465C873DC9814DDBE651B5B0 COUSINS, Ivy Elizabeth (I2567)
177 UID 9B19A523A1F84B3B8D10E40E58163B3508EC LAWN, Eliza (I973)
178 UID A3ACFEC286DF4C6E8CB30E8C5F0877FCE188 JUPP, Eileen Mary (I813)
179 UID AAF0E2FA539044E3A4E58175EFC9702C534A DAWSON, Alexander (I3176)
180 UID ACE7F8C5FA83471298AB8A3162FD3619D23D JUPP, Dorothy (I2847)
181 UID AF50063863934B888DACCEBF3F7DBF579E6A KENWORTHY, Harold Nairn (I1846)
182 UID B609B13BC5F249FDA90463D7B5FB68842BF7 KENWORTHY, Frank Wilton (I1847)
183 UID B83EF37F1E6F421CB8FE83BFC846B6889701 JEFFERY, William (I3203)
184 UID BAEC8C7080BD471AB7EB842AA15C79FF0533 KENWORTHY, Amy Frances (I343)
185 UID C3ECEB05781A435F9DED0F32D5A0B39359B6 LEONARD, Cyril (I93)
186 UID C565CA52318E45969DD865A6FF03B4CFE577 KNAPP, Anna (I452)
187 UID CB939A625E3A4EC9898D7B0270FA94E78182 KNAPP, Gladys Ellen (I2887)
188 UID D22F862F683F457A8D12F317325C97B8A2F6 JONES, William Henry (I2848)
189 UID D377145246F846BE8513CAE7ACB897649A1B DAWSON, Peter (I3185)
190 UID D479D103AC984A259D8A8C9F6C003E845476 KENWORTHY, Betty Amy (I1852)
191 UID D58D400119134093863140E96CE86473ADFF DAWSON, John (I3186)
192 UID D95A11A339BC4F96917D640D4C7AD709E608 JOHNSON, George Edward (I74)
193 UID DB2348F7C25C40BFA23137A9B7094F749082 JEFFREY, Thomas (I2500)
194 UID DBFC633E39C14DA18960265F8568CB1DA34C DAWSON, Jane (I3179)
195 UID DEC5850EC33F49FAB3AE038C710FE2A06D61 JONES, Florence Denner (I2842)
196 UID E1FD4EFF6C8248D0ADFA09AF8614F981A486 JEFFREY, Richard (I3196)
197 UID FA8628DD95BC4961A4C302040D709AC6CA49 CRIDDLE, Grace Mary (I2220)
198 Violet died after a miscarriage with third baby at Wiluna as no blood transfusion was available. WALTON, Violet May (I553)
199 Was killed during WW1. WILTON, Albert Joseph (I44)
200 We think he arrived on the ship "Marloo" which called at Port Adelaide and arrived at Fremantle in August 1895.There was a Mr J Sampson on this ship.
Together with his future brother-in-law, Wesley Nankivell, Jim had a dairy located at Brown hill, Kalgoorlie, WA.
Later Jim started a dairy in Maddington and he operated this for many years. He kept over 100 head of dairy cattle which were milked twice daily with four people milking, one feeding chaff to keep the cows quiet whilst being milked and one on the water cooling-used to cool the milk.
Jim was a councillor in the Gosnells Shire Council for 19 years. There is a Sampson St in Maddington, WA
From "The Family Tree of John and Ann Sampson" by Albert Leonard Sampson. 
SAMPSON, James (I954)

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